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Will British Sci-Fi Anthology Series Black Mirror 6 Amaze Fans? Or Is It Following The Same Pattern?

Black Mirror Season 6 To Be Out Soon:

The British Sci-Fi Anthology Series Black Mirror has served us a lot. It has given us 5 seasons and has successfully won our attention and demand for the show. The show is now ready with its season 6 to launch on Netflix.

The show will draw as much love as the other seasons had. During the past few years, technology has advanced a lot, and everything turned to be connected to the internet. So here we to explore the latest update regarding the upcoming series.

Cast We Can Expect In This Season:

The combination of actors in this show is one of the brilliant ones. This dark comedy show can gain such popularity because of the actors and the crew it has. So,  in this season we can expect Daniel Kaluuya, Alex Lawther, Jon Hamm, Miley Cyrus, Andrew Scott to be a part of the show in season 6. Though there is no official confirmation about the cast, we can expect them.

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The Story And Other Updates:

We know that the story of the show is about the advent of the latest technologies and the problems that arise from the modernization of technology. The theme would remain the same for season 6 as well.

In all the previous seasons, we found that no episode was connected. Similarly, this season would consist of different episodes. Each episode would hold a different story, and that is how we come across many storylines but the same show.

The release of the Black Mirror Season 6, is expected to be streaming by the end of 2020. As the situation of the world is at its worse so,  predicting something is not something in our hands. We can expect the release to delay if the situation gets even worse.

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