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Black Mirror Season 6 Delayed? Here’s Everything About Cast Release Date!!

Black Mirror is a British anthology web series. Charlie Brooke is the producer of the show. This dystopian science fiction show explores contemporary culture. Moreover, it shows the consequences of overusing technology and electronics in the world. Also, it tells how bad things can turn into the coming future.

The show is a standalone project. So, the episodes are not connected. Each episode has its plot, cast, and storyline. Also, they are set in an alternative universe where things go wrong, and people are surrounded by technology all the time.

Just like they are puppets and are being controlled. However, the show is liked by a huge number of fans globally. And, now these fans are waiting for the next season to air soon.

Black Mirror: Season 6’s Release Status

Unfortunately, there is no news from the producer of the show regarding the next season. Fans are concerned about their favourite show.

Sadly, they have to wait a little longer until any announcement is made. Apart from this, the show might be delayed due to the pandemic. All the other shows and projects are also shut due to the same reason.

Speculations have been made that the show is currently postponed because of the pandemic. If the spread of the pandemic stops anytime soon, then, we can expect season 6 to premiere at the end of 2020.

Who All Will Star In The New Season? Check Out The List

Although there is no confirmed news about the show yet, we still have a brief list of stars who might be appearing in the new season.

Stars like Daniel Kaluuya; Topher Grace; Alex Lawther; John Hamm; Andrew Scott; and Miley Cyrus are expected to be in the sixth season. There might be some other cast members too, but, no official statement has been made yet.

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