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LeVar Burton Hints His Appearance In Season 2 Of Star Trek Picard!!!

Is LeVar Burton going to appear in Star Trek season 2? Are you also shocked by hearing this? Here are the confirmed news about the actor’s appearance in the series.

LeVar Burton’s return in Star Trek: Picard!

Well, the veteran actor teases his fans about his return in Star Trek. But, is it true?

“How do I say this without getting in trouble. I think that is reasonable to assume that those people are still a part of Picard’s life and- sure, what the hell- yeah! You’ll see us all, probably not all at the same time but, you know, never say never” stated the actor when asked about his return on the show.

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His statement clearly shows that the whole squad will be seen in the series. They might not appear at the same time, but they will, and we are excited about that. Levar Burton is known for his role as Geordi la Forge in Star Trek, and he would be reprising his role.

Story of Picard

As the name suggests, the second season of Star Trek would tell us the story of Picard. However, we would also see the story of other characters to keep the series balanced.

Furthermore, it is being said that the 2nd season of Star Trek: Picard will be more personal as the protagonist would be spending more time with himself and knowing his characters. The 2nd season has already received the renewal status and had started production. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, there is going to be a delay in production.

Talking about the cast, the show would have its original cast in the set. There might be some surprises in the cast list though. We are excited over the news of the veteran actors making a cameo in the series, and we do want to see them in the set.

All we can do now is hope that the 2nd season arrives soon and is a success.

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