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Jennifer Lopez Honored For Buying The ‘Mets’ With Alex Rodriguez

The famous singer Jennifer Lopez along with Alex Rodriguez, are planning to get involved in something huge. The couple has a special place reserved in our hearts. Everyone in New York and around the world loves them and their adorable chemistry. Now, the couple is going to do something official. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are planning to buy the New York Mets.

JLo, Owner Of The Mets

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have retained J P Morgan Chase to raise capital for a possible bid on the MLB team. It looks like the couple had been thinking about this for a long time now. The fact that they wanted to get hold of the New York-based basketball team was first expressed by Alex last month.

This happened when Alex Rodriguez was on his Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon interview. Alex Rodriguez himself being a big name in basketball. A decision like this from his part is not a piece of shocking news.

“You Can Buy Them With Me”

While on the Jimmy Fallon show, Alex Rodriguez said, “I will say this, is the opportunity came up, I would certainly look at it.” He then in a humorous tone, said Jimmy that they could buy the team together. “ And maybe you can buy them with me,” said Alex to Jimmy.
Well, Alex Rodriguez and Jimmy Fallon are indeed not buying the team together. Rather Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez will be doing so. It is going to be some time before the final confirmation of this comes.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are going to need some help if they want to buy the Mets. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Alex Rodriguez retired from basketball in the year 2016. Before this, he had a fantastic career, and he has been a part of major teams wherein he had worked diligently. Alex Rodriguez played seven seasons with eth Texas Rangers and twelve seasons with the New York Yankees.

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