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Money Heist S5: Alba Flores A.K.A Nairobi To Be Seen In Flashbacks Hints Executive Producers

Is Money Heist’s Nairobi to return to the show to be seen as flashbacks? Don’t worry; The InnerSane has answers for you.


After a considerable cliff hanger left by season four of Netflix’s Money Heist, fans are eagerly waiting for season five. However, fans haven’t been able to heal from season four episode six yet. Money Heist’s season four, episode six showed the brutal execution of Nairobi while she was shot dead.

Money Heist S5: Alba Flores A.K.A Nairobi To Be Seen In Flashbacks Hints Executive Producers

Nairobi’s luck didn’t seem to be in her favour when Gandia escaped and resumed his mission to kill all the heist members inside the Bank of Spain. However, Gandia only managed to succeed in killing Nairobi with a headshot.

With this execution, it’s a given that we won’t see her up and thriving, but it’s not too impossible for her to return as flashbacks.

As we’ve seen in the previous seasons, the show has resurrected other stars for their characters to come in as flashback scenes after they were killed. We saw Moscow returning in season four for flashback scenes with Denver. Berlin was brought back in season three as a flashback after he was shot dead as well.

However, until now, Neither the creator of the Netflix series nor Alba Flores have confirmed on returning as flashback scenes.

Return of Alba Flores as Nairobi is a big MAYBE.


After watching the behind the scenes, the goodbye scene of Alba might indicate that she left Money Heist for good. Alba reveals that even though saying goodbye is tough, she needed a break,, and this will be a good time for her to get a rest. Furthermore, the documentary shows a tearful goodbye to Alba after filming her death scene.

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Alba is also seen telling her co-stars how much she will miss the character and working with them.

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