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Killing Eve Season 3 To Drop This Coming Week Confirms Sources!!

Wait, is Killing Eve season 3 already out? Wasn’t it supposed to be aired in the last week of April?

Surprise by Killing Eve

We previously had been informed that Killing Eve season 3 would be released on the 26th of April, 2020. But, it seems the producers wanted to surprise us with an early release date.

Killing Eve Season 3 To Drop This Coming Week Confirms Sources!!

Yes, the 3rd season of the famous female-led spy series was out on April 12, 2020, on BBC. It has already premiered three episodes, and we are in shock. Why? Well, the first episode of the season was indeed shocking for us.

BBC has decided to air the episodes every Monday. Well, it does seem like a good start for the week.

However, why did the producers did so? I guess maybe they wanted to gift the viewers with a tiny present during this quarantine. Kudos to everyone who followed the rules and stayed at home! We got our reward!

Major spoilers!!!

If you have not yet watched the episodes, then here is a caution for you: spoilers ahead!

In the opening episode, we saw Villanelle marrying a Spanish woman. Well, the wedding did seem happy before turning into chaos. How? Kenny Stowton is dead!

Killing Eve Season 3 To Drop This Coming Week Confirms Sources!!

Kenny was on his investigation on The Twelve, which he kept a secret. But, it looks like his secret was not well-protected. When Eve went to meet Kenny, she saw Kenny jump from the building.

Why did he do so? Well, that is a mystery that needs to be solved. The twist was indeed shocking for us, and we cannot wait for Monday for more content.

Kenny was finally getting his share of the story in the series, and suddenly he was pulled off.

New writer, same old cast

Well, it is a tradition of the series to pass on the responsibility of writing the story to a female writer for the next season. For this season, we have Suzanne Heathcote, who is known for her famous work in Fear the Walking Dead.

Killing Eve Season 3 To Drop This Coming Week Confirms Sources!!

The tradition has been well-maintained, and we love it. Coming to the cast for the 3rd season, we have Jodi Comer as Villanelle and Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri. Both the female leads have done a great job in the last two seasons.

Meanwhile, there are no new characters in the show. So, wait till Monday for another episode of Killing Eve.

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