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*JUST IN* T’Challa To Face Of Against Namor The Submariner In Black Panther 2 Confirms Sources!!!

Black Panther 2 is still a few years away. We may have to wait for a couple of years before hearing “Wakanda Forever” again. But that has not stopped fans and followers of the franchise from theorizing what could happen in the next movie.

Over the past few months, there were rumors that either Dr. Doom or Namor, the sub-mariner, will be the antagonist in the next Black Panther movie. But the things have become much more precise now, and it seems as if Dr. Doom is out of the race, and Namor seems an individual choice.

Earlier, there were issues with casting of Namor in a Marvel movie, but now Marvel Studios have acquired the right of the character.

Who Is Namor?

*JUST IN* T’Challa To Face Of Against Namor The Submariner In Black Panther 2 Confirms Sources!!!

Namor is one of the oldest Marvels characters. Just like Black Panther, Namor is also a ruler of a mighty kingdom. His kingdom is hidden deep down in the ocean. Namor is considered as the first Marvel’s first mutant who is the son of an American explore and an Atlantean princess.

He has extraordinary strength; he can fly and can perform fish-telepathy. In the comics, he worked with the likes X-men and Avengers over the years.

Do We Know The Exact Release Date Of “Black Panther 2”?

It’s been long since the first movie has released, so fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the next film. The release of the next part is delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. But Marvel recently confirmed the new release date of several films, including Black Panther 2.

*JUST IN* T’Challa To Face Of Against Namor The Submariner In Black Panther 2 Confirms Sources!!!Now, Black Panther 2 will hit the screens on 8 May 2022.

What Is Going To Happen In The Next Part Of Black Panther?

The first film revolved around T’Challa; it showed the whole journey of him from being a prince to become a king. He had to kill his brother Killmonger in the last movie.

*JUST IN* T’Challa To Face Of Against Namor The Submariner In Black Panther 2 Confirms Sources!!!

The first part ended with T’Challa revealing the true nature of Wakanda to the whole world. Now, his country is exposed to the entire globe, so we may see other nations trying to attack Wakanda for its natural resources.
There is not a lot of information about the plot of Black Panther 2. But we will keep you updated.

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