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Gaming Company Sued By Selena Gomez For “Stealing Her Likeness” Sans Consent

Selena Gomez is filing a lawsuit of at least $10 million against the developers of a gaming company. Gomez is a renowned and high profile celebrity. Her character is portrayed in ‘Clothes forever- styling game’. Selena is apparently seeking $10 million from the company. This news was reported by the Web portal variety recently.

It is available to download on iPhones and iPads. Users and players can give fashion advice to their favorite models. Musicians and personalities. The publication also reported that the game allows the users to buy ‘diamonds’ so they can go on a shopping spree with their favorite celebs.

Selena’s Attorney’s Say On The Whole Drama 

The $10 million Gomez is seeking will comprise of all the income. Profits and other benefits, the company made by using Selena’s likeliness. The suit states that the company was able to make a profit with Gomez’s popularity, making the impression that they had hired her for endorsement. This was the violation of her ‘rights of publicity’.

Selena Gomez Files $10 Million Lawsuit Against Mobile Game Maker ...

“Selena Gomez’s career as a model, actress, musician, and entrepreneur has made Selena a household name,” Gomez’s attorney, Alex Weingarten, said in a statement. He said that Gomez is a ‘Style Icon’ and this is a conspicuous violation of Selena’s rights, which they will litigate vigorously to vindicate.

Selena Gomez’s Fame And Other Celeb Characters In The Game

There is no doubt that Selena is liked and followed by millions around the world. She has a whopping net worth of $50 million and is the fifth most followed person on Instagram, with 173 million followers. Selena’s attorney claimed that the game tarnished her reputation by using her face. They called the game ‘bug-riddled’ which has only a 3.5-star rating out of 5.
The game also includes Avatar of other stars like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Kendal Jenner, and Gigi Hadid. But these stars haven’t filed any lawsuits against the gaming company.


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