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Executive Producers Of The Show Keen On S2 Of I am Not With This !!

Netflix’s dark comedy I’m Not Okay With This ends its first season, hitting equivalent notes as Stephen King’s iconic novel. It is the classic 1976 film adaptation.

It seems like an ideal homage watching Sydney (Sophia) harnessing her newly discovered superpowers. She is seen doing so to require revenge on the jock tormenting her and outing her feelings for her ally, Dina (Sofia Bryant). But in showrunner Entwistle and Levy’s blistering, an unflinching coming-of-age tale supported the Charles Forsman graphic novel. Sydney causes the blood to flow rather than the opposite way around. Since she doesn’t have control over her powers, she explodes the bully’s head. She was accidentally covering herself in his blood before he can read passages aloud from her diary.

The climax of season 1:

The seven-episode first season ends on a horrible note. As Sydney and therefore, the remainder of the shell-shocked student body run faraway from the varsity dance. She was so traumatized by a gory scene that none of them, not even Sydney, can explain. But it seems that any and everyone echoes of Carrie were utterly unintentional on the part of I’m Not Okay With This showrunners.

The producer is keen on S2:

By fixing a replacement superhero origin story within the first season, Entwistle is keen to continue telling Syd’s story with another season. “I would like to tend the chance to open up the planet,” he says. The exciting part of the next story will be the answers to some questions. Like what does it mean for a lass handling of these other things to require on the mantle of superpowers. How does she use them, and what does it mean to let the great and evil, the sunshine and the dark in when she has the responsibilities of those superpowers. That’s the direction of the story he would like to travel to Sydney.

Entwistle knows roughly what a second season would appear as. He shares a couple of teases about what fans can expect if Netflix renews the series. “I’m excited for the people to see what it’s to be like for Sydney to steer back to highschool after what happened,” he says. I’m also curious about expanding the superpowered nature of the planet and what that brings to Sydney, both good and bad.”

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