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**UPDATE** Anne With An E May Not Be Getting A Season 4 Hints Executive producer Susan Murdoch

Fans are wondering if Anne With An E May come ever with its season 4. And Fans have been fighting to save this popular TV show. As Netflix announced last November that the third season might be the final season of the Anne With An E. The lead character Lucy Maud Montgomery plays the role of an orphan in the series. And she follows her adventure in a small town of Avonlea. Fans on Twitter have launched a campaign to save the show. Fans have used the hashtag #RenewAnnewithanE million times on Twitter. After producer, Susan Murdoch teased its Cancellation. Fans have written on Twitter that they have been fighting a lot to save Anne With An E. It was a Netflix exclusive.

**UPDATE** Anne With An E May Not Be Getting A Season 4 Hints Executive producer Susan Murdoch

Producer Denies Of Its Renewal :

Although strong support from the fans producer of the show has denied its season 4, the producer has said that they have fought a lot for season 4. They have also suggested a new home for the shoot. We can’t make any change with words of Economics and Demographics. Because of these words, the network doesn’t want to make its season 4. And they have no other way to continue the season 4. The show producer Moira Walley-Beckett wrote this on Instagram. The other producer of the show has also said that it’s challenging to let the show go. And there is no other way at this point to revive the show. The show may not happen again make’s cherish over what we have got now from the show. And what the show has brought all of us till now. 

What Is The Actual Reason Behind The Cancellation :

There is no official reason for the cancellation of the show. But some are saying that there was the disintegration of a partnership between Netflix and CBC, who jointly produced the show. When the third season released the president of CBC announced that they wouldn’t continue any further big projects with Netflix. This was because of the profit of their own domestic business and industry. Even if the show doesn’t pick up the fans will create a great rebellion shortly. But we are still hopeful for season 4.

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