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Roaring Inspiration: Gwen Stefani Gives A ‘Tiger King’ Inspired Quarantine Cut To Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani Gifted Blake Shelton A ‘Tiger-King’ Inspired Mullet

In light of the present situation, where the whole world and all businesses have been shut down and people in home-quarantine, personal grooming stands to be a severe issue for celebrities. And what better example of their plight than Blake Shelton himself?

Roaring Inspiration: Gwen Stefani Gives A ‘Tiger King’ Inspired Quarantine Cut To Blake Shelton

Shelton recently had his longterm girlfriend Gwen Stefani give him a haircut during their appearance on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.’ Stefani attempted to provide Shelton with a mullet inspired by ‘Tiger King,’ a Netflix docuseries about people who own tigers.

How Did Shelton’s Mullet Look On Him: Find Out Here

Jimmy Fallon, during the quarantine, had many stars appear on his show, virtually, including barbers. As Fallon watched Stefani clip away at Shelton’s hair to give him a mullet, he said,

“(This) is why these shows are fun because you would never do this in real life.”

On having finished her work, Stefani took a good look at her handiwork and said,

“Oh no, that looks terrible.”

Jimmy responded saying,

“Dude, you are so ‘Tiger King’ right now. You have no idea.”

To be honest, we were warned about this massive transformation that awaited Shelton. In March 2020, Shelton announced on Twitter that he was considering bringing back his mullet since his professional schedule had been put on halt due to the pandemic.

Stefani, the pop singer and Shelton, the country crooner, first met in 2014 as the two were judges for The Voice along with Adam Levigne and Pharell Williams.

From then on, the two began flirting, and rumours of romance began making its rounds. The two them split from their respective relationships. In 2016, the couple made a red carpet appearance together and also performed at the Billboards Music Awards. There were even marriage rumours concerning the two. However, they remain un-engaged, and their relationship only grows more reliable over the years.


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