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**JUST IN** Micheal Jibson To Play A Key Role In Discovery Of Witches Season 2

It’s excellent news for the fans now as Olivier Award winner; Mike Jibson is joining the second season of Discovery Of Witches. This is a piece of good news among the fantasy lovers. Michael Jibson has recently completed with its filming of season 2 and the second edition is all set to come in this year. The Discovery Of Witches is an adaptation of the show All Souls. The first season began on 14 September 2018. It was an eight episodes show. And before it’s an air of the finale episode, the show creator has announced its second and third sequel around the end of 2020. Along with some vampire and Demonic characters in the show, we will also find some human existence in the show.

**JUST IN** Micheal Jibson To Play A Key Role In Discovery Of Witches Season 2

Release Date And Cast:

The production house has not any release date till now. As per the source, the film is under its filming process. And we will get its update soon. Along with Michael Jibson, we will able to see some more famous faces like Steven Cree, Sheila Hancock  James Purefoy, Paul Rhys, Barbara Marten, Jacob Ifan, Holly Aird, Michael Lindall, Adam Sklar. Michael Jibson joined the show a few days back and shared a Twitter post with a lot of cheer and excitement.

Mike Jibson As Emperor Rudolf 2:

Fans will see Jibson in the role of an ancient emperor Rudolf 2. Rudolf was an old emperor in between 1552-1612 and was ruling Hungary and Bohemian. The emperor was opposing his father’s rules and policies.

Fans Welcomed Season 2:

The season two will start with the show of Diana and Mathew. They were on a mission to locate a witch. And would be a tutor to Diana.  But they have to experience some dark energy during there journey. Jibson was happy for his character in the show. The production team has posted a promotional photo of the show on Twitter. Fans seem excited about the second season of the show. 

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