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Attack On Titan Season 4 Likely To Air Late 2020 Confirms Director Tetsuro Araki!!

The Preface.

The famous Anime series The Attack On Titan Season 4’s release date of Shingeki no Kyojin anime adaptation is highly expected to be released by now. Well, now finally they will reveal the secret of the world. But there was news from the fans that they are afraid if WIT Studio does not produce the last season.

Well, now we finally have great news that is WIT Studio AoT Director Tetsuro Araki affirms the Attack On Titan Season 4. Even though it’s not officially confirmed yet. Many Japanese fans had visited AoT concert in June 2019, and they got their chance to chat with Araki when he was found waiting in the line to buy something to merch on.

On Twitter one of the fan-translated a post which had claimed that Araki assured Shinkegi no Kyojin Season 4.

What Did Araki Say?

“Good news. Araki was at this live concert, and some fans recognized him. They asked him some questions about Kabaneri and AoT. When asked if there would be Season 4, Araki answered ‘yes’ briefly and quickly. But he didn’t tell them if Wit Studio would make season 4.”

We at least know that the upcoming story is enough for making Erwin Smith jealous. Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert, and Levi Ackerman, all of them, would be going on war over the seas after finding out Grisha Yeager’s journal’s in Eren’s father basement in the Shiganshina District.

The audience must be surprised with what the Survey Cops finds out the other side of the ocean. We might think that the story has much potential to go on without stopping, but the 800-ton Titan which is sitting silently in the corner is the fact of the story that the whole Anime is held upon, and now it is slowly reaching to its ending. Therefore, the fourth season will be the last one to witness and watch on television for Attack On Titan’s massive audience, and there won’t be season 5 coming.


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