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Don’t Look Any Further, Cowboy Bebop Live Action Season 1 Cast Has Been Revealed

The “Cowboy Bebop” live-action show at Netflix has discovered the lion’s share of its maximum characters, Variety has discovered.


John Cho, Mustafa Shakir, Daniella Pineda and Alex Hassell are the leading characters in the Cowboy Bepop show, which is an anime based of a similar name.

Introduction about John Cho’s character.

John will act as Spike Spiegel. Introduced as a cool bounty hunter with an adorable smile. Twisted wittiness and fashion to spare. He travels to the solar system with his ex-cop companion. Jet, who is pursuing the deadliest bounties which are the combination of attraction, charisma and deadly Jeet Kune Do.

John is well-known for his characters in the renewed “Star Trek” movie franchise and also “Harold and Kumar” cinema. Cho is also going to appear in the following episode of “Twilight Zone” renewal at CBS All Access. He is known by UTA. 3 Arts Entertainment and Morris Yorn.

Introduction about Mustafa Shakir character.

Mustafa Shakir will play the role of Jet Black, who is one of the most honest cops in the solar system, earlier the ultimate betrayal took away all that he loved and forced him into the hunting bounties life to survive. Jet is and enthusiast and Captain of Bebop.

Introduction about Daniella Pineda character.

Daniella Pineda will play the character of Faye Valentine who is introduced as a bold, unpredictable and cocky bounty hunter. She is diseased with amnesia since years after being cryogenically frozen. Pineda does anything to make a living.

Introduction about Alex Hassell character.

Alex Hassell will play the role of Vicious. He is introduced as a man who enjoys a good killing. Vicious is a playful hitman. He is Spike Spiegal’s ex-partner and enemy.

Netflix catches up with this show for straight ten episodes in November. The show is introduced as an inspiring, genre story of Spike Spiegel, Jet Black Faye Valentine and Radical Ed.


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