Better Call Saul’ Just Delivered An Epic Highest Rated Episode Ever Comparable To ‘The Breaking Bad’


Better Call has just delivered a masterpiece episode, and with that, it has cemented its place as one of the best TV series like its predecessor. The latest episode of the TV show is on par with Breaking Bad’s finest.

Now, there is no longer a decisive answer to which is better among Better Call Saul or Breaking Bad.

If you will ask, is this the best season of “Better Call Saul”? Then the answer to that question is definitely yes. The latest installment of the show has excelled fans’ expectations. Now the slow-burning of season 5 is paying off in a significant way.
Nobody knew how high the bar would be raised with the previous week’s episode, “Bagman.”

Warning! There Are Spoilers Ahead

In the last week’s episode, Saul was going to recover $7 million as bail money for one of his clients Lalo Salamanca. “Bagman” had a cold opening, and at the beginning, Marco and Leonel were retrieving the money, then a conversation between Lalo and Saul was shown. Lalo was seen explaining his attorney about where to meet his family members near the Mexican border to get the money.

Saul seemed a bit afraid, feeling that he might not be the right choice for this kind of job, and things can go south. But Lalo’s convinced him.

This Episode Reminds Us Of Breaking Bad

We won’t spoil it further for you, but what we can say without revealing anything further about the episode is that it had desert treks, firefights and fired on all cylinders. This episode is the most “Breaking Bad-like” episode of the show to date.
It puts the two main characters of the show in a harmful situation. But we know for sure they will survive, since its a prequel.

So all of this makes Bagman the highest-rated episode of Better Call Saul, according to IMDB. Bagman currently has a 9.8/10, and the rating is the same from the night when it aired. We have not seen a dip since, which is not shared. The other episode which came close to this kind of popularity was season 3’s Chicanery.

The 9.8 rating also puts Bagman in the list of top 25 episodes of all time.


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