Justin Bieber Posted With Hailey Baldwin And He Was All Touchy-Feely, Hours After Selena Gomez Dropped ‘Boyfriend’


Justin Bieber Posted Photos Of His Model Wife, And He Can’t Seem To Get His Hands Off Her: Read More

It seems like Justin Beiber and Hailey Beiber are having a great time in quarantine together, with Justin trying his hand at photography. His muse is none other than Hailey herself.

After a few hours of Selena Gomez dropping her ‘Boyfriend’ video. Justin posted a picture of himself and Hailey. With his hands on her waist and arm around her neck. He just can’t seem to keep his hands off of her.

How Have The Fan Favourite Couple Been Spending Time In Quarantine? Here’s How

The two have been quarantining in their Canadian house for a long time now. They have been spending their time making tiktok videos, among other things. Justin, however, has been trying his hand at photography, and Hailey is his muse. Earlier, Justing posted a picture of Hailey in a bathtub that received more than twenty lakh likes.

In the series of snapshots, Hailey appears to be completely stripped:

In the next few photos, Hailey has been seen sporting a checked shirt and indeed, looked gorgeous:

Justin and (previously) Hailey Baldwin had sparked dating rumors in 2015 after the two were spotted together on several occasions. Hailey was even seen at a nerf-gun war with Kendall and Justin, probably at Bieber’s place.

In 2016, Justin and Hailey publicly spoke about their relationship after some occasions of PDA. The two correctly began dating in 2018. Through 2016-17, the two had reportedly fallen out, and Justin had rekindled romance with his former love Selena Gomez.

However, from 2018 Justin and Hailey became the king and queen of PDA, and finally, in 2018, the two, after denying their marriage rumors for a while, admitted to having tied the knot at a quiet ceremony in a court.

The pictures Justin posted came right after ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez dropped three new songs titled Boyfriend, Souvenir, and She.


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