Will ‘I Am Not Okay With This’ Season 2 Unleashes Identity Of The Unknown Follower


I Am Not Okay With This is a series on Netflix based on a graphic novel by Charles Forsman with the same name itself. The series has concluded its first season with an amazing and mind-boggling end. Which has left its fans to go all nuts and to want for more for the next season?

Also, The series explores the life of Sydney, the main character of the show. The set a unique genre that had pleased its fans to a considerable extent.  Sydney’s life is full of fantastic stuff. And it is entwined with that of her dead father had added a hint of mystery to it.

When To Expect S2?

I Am Not Okay With This: Season 2 Renewed? Netflix Release Date ...

Season 1 of I Is Not Okay With This ended in a blood bath. The real identity of the unknown follower was about to be revealed. And at that very moment, the series came to a halt. Neither Sydney nor did we catch hold of the identity of the “unknown follower.” But now the biggest and most suspenseful question is, when will the status of the unknown follower be revealed?

Only season 2 can answer this question. Unfortunately, Netflix has not announced the official date of release of I Am Not Okay With This. Even an announcement for the probable filming and production of season two of I Am Not Okay With This has not been made yet. All fans can now do is wait. Given the coronavirus crisis and it being declared a national emergency in the US, the wait for season 2 may belong.

Cast And Trailer Of Season 2

I Am Not Okay With This has not yet released the trailer of season two. Talking about the cast, we can expect to Sophia Lillis as Sydney, Sofia Bryant as Dina, Aidan as Liam, Wyatt Oleff as Stanley Barber and Perkins as Maggie.


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