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OA’ Season 3 Is All Set To Resolve Cliffhanger From Season 2 But When Is It Speculated To Air?

The Netflix series named OA is a mystery-drama series which brings to their audience a blend of sci-fi and supernatural elements. Brin Marling and Zal Batmanglij produce the series. OA Season 2 was released in March last year. It has eight episodes. Initially, the plan was to release five seasons for the series. But the show was canceled by Netflix after Season 2. The reason given was the show wasn’t “good enough to engage the new subscribers.” But it looks like the issue has been resolved now. And the loyal fanbase that the series earned with the first two seasons is waiting desperately for OA Season 3.

What Is THe Hype For Series OA All About?

The OA Season 3? Netflix Scheduled Release Updates

The OA Season 2 ended on a “cliffhanger” ending, which has made the fans demand more. And everyone’s heart broke when the series got canceled. But now that it’s back, we can finally get our hopes high.

The series is about the story of a blind girl named Prairie who went missing for seven years. She came back and was able to see. In the last season, we noticed that Prairie was lying about her experiences.

What Do We Have In Store For OA Season 3?

Is'The OA' Really Canceled or Is It an Elaborate Season 3 ...

When you are making a mystery series, it is tough to have a balance between the audience you are catering to and the questions that are going to come after a season ends and answering all the questions. And the series OA has managed to have a pretty good balance between all of it.

Since the OA Season 2 ending was pretty edgy and not very conclusive, there are a thousand questions that have arisen amongst the audience. But then the makers of the OA were not prepared for the show to be canceled. So with all the mystery and drama, the OA Season 3 is much-awaited.

We don’t know the plot for OA Season 3, but we know for sure that it’s going to be amazing.

When Is OA Season 3 Releasing?

The OA campaign to save show gets support from'unlikely' source

After OA Season 2 was canceled last year. Fans took to Twitter with hashtags #SaveTheOA and #TheOaisReal. While some of the fans felt that maybe the cancellation was only a publicity stunt, perhaps we’ll never know.

As per the sources, the filming started last year in December. OA Season 3 was expected to release by the end of 2020. But because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the production of many series has been put on hold. So we might have a delay in the release for OA Season 3. However, there is no official confirmation yet.

Who All Will Be Back For OA Season 3?

Mostly, the cast for OA Season and Season 2 will be back for OA Season 3 as well. So we may have the following actors back:

  • Prairie Johnson by Brit Marling
  • Homer Roberts by Emory Cohen
  • Abel Johnson by Scott Wilson
  • Nancy Johnson by Alice Krige
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