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Money Heist S5 Allegedly To Be On The Cards, Will We Witness Alicia Sierra Switch Sides?

Season four has ended with many twists. The show has successfully kept its reputation in doing this right from the start. So Money Heist has been the best series of Netflix since it’s a debut. Its worldwide craze merely is fantastic. No one could imagine a Spanish show to be in the hearts of people across the globe.

The actual S4 Take-off :

Money Heist S5 Allegedly To Be On The Cards, Will We Witness Alicia Sierra Switch Sides?
The triggering point at the end of season 3 is the professor thinking that Lisbon is dead. The same point has been beautifully triggered by the professor in season 4. The moment professor known that Lisbon is dead, he starts to think. All know what happens when the professor starts to think. As expected, he has excellently plotted missiles and made the government villains and fools in the eyes of the public. Along with him, Alicia Sierra has also made a twist around by pulling herself down along with the government. By the end of season 4, Alicia Sierra is no more a cop. What’s worse is the cops have passed orders to arrest her?

Switching sides could be a part of the plan :

Money Heist S5 Allegedly To Be On The Cards, Will We Witness Alicia Sierra Switch Sides?

Now season 4 has ended with Alicia Sierra catching gun against the professor. Now actually thinking back, it not like season 3 where Alicia Sierra represents the police department. Even she is against them. Putting all things one by one we can slightly assume one thing that both professor and his team, Alicia is against police. Bingo, this could be the mastermind plan of the professor right from the start.

Or else it could be like a later negotiation now. The chances for her to join the professor’s side are pretty high as she won’t turn on to the cops side whom she betrayed recently. So there is no other go. With cops on the run to catch her and arrest, it is even safe for her to take the side of the professor.

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