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Who Is Bansky, The Artist Behind The Most Un-expected Crossover Between Princess Diana & Cindrella?

To name some of the few famous princesses, Princess Diana would always remain at the top of the list. Likewise, one of the most famous and popular Disney princesses would be Cinderella. The two unexpectedly crossed paths because of world-renown street artist Banksy.

Banksy created a parody theme park called Dismaland. It featured sculptures and paintings which made fun of Disney characters like Minnie Mouse and Ariel.

All About The Artist And The Art

Disney’s Cinderella ends with the title character and Prince Charming getting in a carriage to go off to their honeymoon. Walt Disney and his films have influenced numerous other artists. For example, Banksy appropriated some imagery from this scene in his own dark, twisted way.

Dismaland, Banksy’s Disneyland parody, included a castle that appeared to be a rusted, gloomy version of Cinderella’s castle. Inside was a statue of Cinderella’s carriage overturned.

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The princess lies dead in it. Her long blonde hair is shown falling out of the carriage. Just beside her are a bunch of sculptures of paparazzi clicking all the pictures, and not caring about the crash. The sculpture is made to have similarity to Princess Diana’s tragic car crash death. The paparazzi in Banksy’s art are, of course, drawn to look like the paparazzi who followed Diana. Banksy’s emphasis on Cinderella’s hair is a reference to how Diana’s hair was visible from her car following her death.

This wasn’t the only time Princess Diana was depicted in Banksy’s art. British currency often features the faces of British monarchs. Banksy created fake British currency with Diana’s face on it.

The fake banknotes said the “Banksy made them of England.” The note also said, “I promise to pay the bearer on demand the ultimate price.” Those words seem especially sinister because of Diana’s death.

Upto The Viewers Interpretation

Rest all is obviously up to interpretation. However, both pieces show that people are still fascinated by Princess Diana years after she died. In conclusion, Diana’s continued influence on artists shows she has become one of Britain’s greatest pop culture icons.

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