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What Potential Storyline Will Black Mirror Season 6 Expected To Tread Upon ?

If we can remember a movie that has sparked the scientific minds in us, it would be Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. Scripted by Charlie Brooker and directed by David Slade, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is one of the movies in the scientific-fictional movie series, popularly known for its science and inventions!

Released over five successful seasons in total, not one has been ignored, and every season was watched gracefully and appreciated positively. I know most of us are waiting for the sixth season, but don’t worry, all of you! We have unearthed every little detail floating in the air and brought them down to you-


The film is based on a video game with the same name, which had a different fate, unlike the movie. After running successfully for 5 seasons, the sixth season has been confirmed, and the show was finally renewed, making the fans go gaga over the news!

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But we wonder, what might be the probable storyline for the upcoming season? Well, we have got them all covered!


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Even though Netflix hasn’t yet announced any release date as such, and since the production is still going on, we wonder if 2020 end it is? Or Early 2021? We will have to wait and see! Anthony Mackie, Andrew Scott, Miley Cyrus have been confirmed as for now for the upcoming season.


The show that is famous for its unique storyline will again be back to show the other side of the coin- the harmful effects of technology. And we are for sure, EXCITED TO THE CORE.

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We are expecting the trailer by the summer of 2020 or maybe spring because of the delay in every significant event due to the recent health crisis.

Aren’t we just too excited to see our favorite show back on screens?

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