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Witness The Perfect Crossover With Chris Hemsworth In Jason Momoa’s Aquaman Suit

It turns out this Marvel and DC superhero have a lot in common. Thor and Aquaman have several similarities. They are because both of the movies haven’t thought that they will be in the spotlight today. Another similarity is the silly and unrealistic plot they are based on. Though they belong to different universes, namely Marvel and DC, fans made a fanart to see what they will look like in each other’s attire.

Swapping Chris Hemsworth And Jason Mamoa’s Character

The fan art made by a superhero fan was posted on Instagram. The fan art consisted of Aquaman’s film poster with Jason Mamoa’s original shot but with a twist. The Aquaman had a new face; it was Thor’s. The fan art looked funny and exciting.
Maybe the fans wanted to see how Aquaman will look with short and blonde hair and lighter skin tone. This interesting though led some fans to design their own Aquaman featuring Thor.
The post was posted on account of Jscomicart who swapped out Jason Mamoa from his movie poster for Chris Hemsworth. You can see the image below.

Jason’s Aquaman And Chris’ Thor On The Box-Office

Thor came out back in 2011. It received a positive response from the audience. It also earned a 77% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Thor earned $450 million on Worldwide Box Office, making it a huge success. Though the second part Thor: The Dark World couldn’t impress the audience and received negative comments. However, Thor was back again with Thor: Ragnarok which received a good reception. His character in the Avengers movie also helped him to be perceived as a three-dimensional and vital character in the Marvel Universe.

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See Avengers Star Chris Hemsworth Don Jason Momoa's Aquaman Suit

Whereas, if we talk about Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman, it was also a massive success on box office, similarities! Aquaman is a production under Dc and Warner Bros. The movie was an enormous hit whooping a reasonable $1 Billion Worldwide. It has a 65% rating on the Rotten Tomatoes meter too.

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