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Will Messiah Season 2 Ever Allow Us To See Jibril Again?

The series, Messiah was released on Netflix this year focused on the true identity of Al- Masih. The series left the viewers perplexed about the real identity of Al-Masih. And not only that viewers are puzzled about the truth behind Jibril.

Throughout the whole season, the plot of the show keeps revolving around out certain questions: Who is Al-Masih? Is the Messiah or just a conman who knows a few magic tricks? Is Jibril the real Messiah?

The show had many instances in which Al-Masih and Jibril could be seen doing miracles. Although, only Al-Masih was depicted to have resurrection powers when he saved Aviram Dahan, the Israeli army officer after the plane crash Jibril assumably also have resurrecting powers.

Jibril Was A Follower Of Al-Masih

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He was a man who believes that Al-Masih has set him into the path of God. Jibril’s deep faith in God gave him courage at the time of crisis and battling for life amid nothing but desert only. He has survived not only the rough desert but also a suicide bomb.

Sayyid El Alami is expected to be back as Jibril in the second season. He is scheduled to play a bigger role this season.

Jibril Is Assumed To Be The Real Messiah

Not only, will we see Jibril but we might see more of him in the next season. He is assumed to be the true Messiah. We have already seen a lot of Jibril so it will be ok to believe that he is also probably a superhuman being.

People are making assumptions that if Al-Masih is Anti Christ and Jibril turns out to be the real Messiah, then next season would be a battle between the two to establish peace for humanity.

Viewers are waiting for season 2 to see up to which extent their predictions were correct or a completely different twist will be there.

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