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Will Black Summer Season 2 Return As A Sensational Controversial Season?

When Black Summer was first aired on Netflix, it immediately gained the attention of the viewers. A mother, searching for her daughter in a zombie apocalypse; it looked like an emotional story. But the series is more than that. There is adventure, thriller and secrets too, which the upcoming seasons would tell us. However, we do have some questions about the show.

Is William dead?

Though we saw that William was probably dead in the 1st season, nothing can be told during an apocalypse. In an interview, Sal Velez Jr told that there are chances that William might return. “I can say this, just like Jon Snow had his revival and comeback, I think that since they don’t show the death of William; I’m going to leave it to the audience’s imagination to see what happens in the next season,” stated Sal Velez Jr. Does this mean William is alive? We can only find it in the 2nd season.

When will the 2nd season release?

The shooting for the 2nd season had already started in January 2020, in Canada. But, we don’t have any official release date for the 2nd season.

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Moreover, the 2nd season would have eight episodes is the only that the streaming service has hinted us till now.

Any plot twists?

There are going to be lots of twists and turns in the story. As stated earlier, there are chances that William might return in this season. Apart from that, Jamie King has already stated that the turn of events in this season would be unexpected by the audience. “Every time I read the script, I just never expected to read what I was going to read,” Jamie King, who plays the role of Rose, stated.

However, there is no official trailer for the 2nd season, and neither are there any spoilers, apart from the William part. All we can do now is, make our theories and not expect anything, as this season is undoubtedly going to blow everyone’s mind.

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