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We Are Waiting Direly For The Tale Of Judy And Jen Return To Netflix’s Dead to Me S2

Dead To Me fans, here’s some good news for you. Netflix has officially announced that there is a second season for the series.

It seems we would see Judy and Jen again and get answers to our questions. We all are frustrated at the ending of the 1st season, which left us in a cliff hanger. But, we do hope that the upcoming season would give us the answers.

A premiere date for the 2nd season

Though Netflix has announced about the second season, there’s no news about the premiere date. The streaming service has not yet announced, but we are betting that it would premiere the 2nd season in summer of 2020.

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Why? If the show follows its pattern, then it would be obvious to expect the series premiering in next year.

Any new faces in this season?

Well, as of now, we don’t have any new faces in the new season of the series. However, Netflix has confirmed that the lead roles of the series have signed for the series. So, we would see Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini in the next season as well. Moreover, Linda Cardellini even posted in her Instagram account, stating that the filming is over. Though we don’t know if we would be able to see Steve in the next season or not, we hope we do.

Spoilers ahead!!

If you have not yet seen the first season of Dead To Me, then this post contains spoilers. The story goes around Jen, who has recently lost her husband. To cope up with her grief, she joins a support group, where she meets Judy. the bonding between the women grows, leading Jen to invite Judy to stay at her house.

But Judy has her secrets. At the end of the 1st season, we got to know that Judy was responsible for the death of Jen’s husband. The news left Jen, shocked and angry.

We saw Jen shooting Judy’s ex-fiancé, but did she pulled him out of anger or is there something else? The creators and actors have not spilt out anything, and I guess we have to wait for the 2nd season for answers.

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