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WATCH: Stranger Things Season 4 Teaser Trailer Confirms Hopper Had Actually Survived!

After the release of season 3 Teaser and trailer about the Hopper’s survival, the writer of the Stranger thing used social media to hint about its next move. The character played by David Harbour was killed after the end of season 3. He did a heroic act at the end of season 3. When speculation was surrounding the Hopper’s death, it was the show’s worst kept secret.

Recently to celebrate Valentine’s day Stranger thing released new footage of Hopper survival. Not only Hopper survived, but also he got some wound in his hands by the Russians. He is also in imprisonment in the frigid tundra. Hopper is now bald and working alongside with some prisoners. Some Russian guards are keeping watch over them. They are working for some railway tracks in prison.

What More With The Teaser:

The teaser also shows some light that Hopper is going to face some threat in the future. In addition to the teaser of season 4, the official Twitter account of Stranger Things added a Video Store Friday Campaign. The report started sharing five video title on each Friday connecting to the plot of the season. To coincide with the Hopper Teaser, the moviemaker has designed this to focus his escape from the captivity.

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How Movie Title’s Hint At Hopper’s Escape:

The five-movie title that is related to Hopper is  I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang, Papillon, The Great Escape, Stalag 17, and The Shawshank Redemption. Each movie includes some extraordinary prison escape. So viewers can expect in which direction the movie is going. Season 4 which will have nine episodes won’t find whereabouts of Hopper. Rather it will focus on the prison escape of Hopper. Even though Stranger Things has not focused more on convincing the viewers that Hopper is dead. Still, there is a lot of speculations hovering around the current situation. Still, there is no official release date of season 4. Fans can only wait and make theories and speculation about its new plot. 

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