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Virtual Fame: Tekashi69 Gains A Boatload Of 1 Million Followers After First Instagram Video

Takeshi 6ix9nine is a rapper who had been the prison because he was caught in some gang involvements. But very recently, he was freed by the judge at the court. He posted a video immediately after his release from jail.

His post made a great number of boat followers by his first post on Instagram. The video that he posted got deleted soon, but he tried to make it up in the comment section.

Decision Of  Tekashi’s Free By Judge:

The early release of the rapper is believed to have taken place due to the pandemic situation of the coronavirus.  Some other extraordinary happenings are taking place all across the world.

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The judge declared the early release of the rapper due to unfavorable conditions of the prison. The prisons were overcrowded, and they wanted the prisoners to be free so that the safety due to the spread of coronavirus can be ensured.

Recent Involvement In Gangs:

There are several oppositions for Takeshi’s return to the web of a gang. Several Hip hopers are outraged of the fact that Takeshi used gang support for promoting his talents. A bit later, he cooperated with the federal authorities regarding the same.

All the incidents were enjoyed by those who were involved in just a source of entertainment—referring to people who are engaged in social media entertainments due to controversies.

Government Come Forward:

The mayor of Los Angeles had declared the Lockdown and the rule of stay at home. But Takeshi said that he is back for the rescue. This proves that he is aware of the reputation that he has gained in prison, and instead of letting that reputation down, he is up to enhance that.

Despite the global,  he saw to release his new music into society. The number of his followers has also increased from 13.5 million to a number above 14 million. This ensures that even if the studios remain closed, he will keep entertaining the crowd in his trolling ways.

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