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Unexpected Crossover: Gemma Whelan From GOT To Feature As Carolyn’s Daughter In Killing Eve S3

BBC America’s thriller shows Killing Eve will be premiering on Sunday, that is April 12 at 9 pm. Fiona Shaw will be returning to play her character, Carolyn Martens. In a recent interview, she reveals that her character’s elder daughter will be seen in this season.

The GoT actress joins the Killing Eve family:

To all the GOT fans out there, we have a stunning revelation. Gemma Whelan will be seen in this season. She will be taking a pivotal role being Carolyn Marten’s daughter. Almost everyone who has deen the Game Of Thrones will recognize Yara Greyjoy, who was Theon Greyjoy’s sister.

Although she was very much like a tomboy in GOT, fans can catch her in a very feminine role in this show. Unlike the present character, she was pretty badass in GOT.

Shaw reveals the troubled relationship between the mother and daughter:

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In the interview, Shaw also opens about the mother-daughter relation their characters share in the show. Laughingly, she said that it is disastrous. She reveals a part where she tells her that in some ways she was always her father’s child, and Kenny was Carolyn’s. That is the worst thing a mother could say to a daughter.

Later on, she says how Kenny is very similar to Carolyn. He shares a lot of similar characteristics with her, and that is why they go well together. Although the characters, Carolyn and her daughter, might not share a pretty bond but in real life, they go well along.

Shaw explains her relationship with Gemma, saying that she is very thrilled with her joining the family. “And it’s hilarious because Carolyn is just absolutely a red rag to a bull with all of this feeling and self-help and emotional talk. It drives Carolyn mad!” She added.

The character of Carolyn Martens is very cool and calm. However, her daughter has an impact on her. To watch Whelan in the role of Geraldine, do not miss the show 0n April 12 at 9 pm only on BBC America.

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