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The Long Due Wait Is Over With Wresting Queens Of Glow Banging On Screens In Summer S4

GLOW is indeed one of the revolutionary series that we have seen in ages. In the last season, we saw the series dealing with some severe issues like inequality and racism. It beautifully crafted the problems and even dealt with them. But was it the end of the series? Well, Netflix is planning for another season, and we can’t wait for the ladies to take part in Debbie’s Wrestling show. Here’s what we know till now.

The release date for GLOW S4

According to various sources, we would be able to see the 4th season in late summer of 2020. Though Netflix has not yet given any official date, we are shooting our guesses.

The Long Due Wait Is Over With Wresting Queens Of Glow Banging On Screens In Summer S4

However, this is the final season of the series. Alison Brie has stated in her tweet that GLOW will be back for the last season. Yes, it is emotional, but we would be able to see the team for the final time.

Any plot details?

Speaking of the plot details for the 4th season, we can expect the girls to return to Los Angeles and take part in Debbie’s wrestling show.

It is for sure that they would take part in the show, but what would happen after that? There would be personal issues of the characters too, which the girls will deal with in this season.

The cast for the final season

Talking of the cast, we can expect to see Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin for sure. Apart from them, expect to see Cherry Bang and Rhonda Richardson too.

The Long Due Wait Is Over With Wresting Queens Of Glow Banging On Screens In Summer S4

Along with them, we would see Marc Maron, Britt Baron, Gayle Rankin and Kia Stevens in the show.

So, this was all that we knew about the show. However, the producers have released a short trailer for the 4th season, which you can watch on YouTube. Moreover, get ready with a box of tissues and popcorn as the final season is going to be a ride of emotions.


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