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Money Heist S5: New Things To Know About The Future, Old Characters, Plot & Much More

The fifth season of Money Heist could be going ahead with the fans of the series very eager for another season. Money Heist fans may have already binged all of La Casa de Papel part four after it landed on Netflix.

Will There Be Another Series Of Money Heist?

The heist continues: What we know about'Money Heist' part 4

The Spanish series have just returned with their eight brand new episodes on Netflix as the fans find out what happened to the characters.

The very highly-anticipated fourth part of Money Heist landed on Netflix on April 3 in full. However, the fans already binging about the show and all are desperate to know the fifth season has been confirmed yet. Netflix had not yet made an official announcement about the renewal of the popular drama.

When Will Season 5 Be Released?

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As Netflix has not officially announced it. There is nothing about the release date for another season. However, the fans of the series could be waiting a little more how the filming around the world has been postponed due to corona-virus.

I was looking at the previous release dates given some indications about when the fifth season could be expected. So far the first and the second season were filmed together. As were the third and fourth.

But the central gap between the two airing was 20 months, which could also mean the fans may not see more of the show.

What does Will happen In Season 5 If There Is One?

The fourth part of Money Heist was followed on from the third party. As the team planned their escape from the Bank.

Throughout the whole season, the fans saw the team trying to rescue Lisbon and Nairobi after they had been captured. All the while, they were also attempting to fend off the threat which Gandia poses to them.

This all came to be a more dramatic end in the season finale when Lisbon was rescued while Alicia Sierra held a gun to the professor’s head in the final moments.

If the fifth season is to happen, it seems like that it will pick up this brutal conclusion. The viewers of the series find out the fate of the professor.

The Professor

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