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Lucifer Season 5: Netflix Debunks Finale Rumors & S6 Plans!!

Our beloved devil is back with another season. Netflix had started the shooting for the 5th season in late 2019, and we are expecting to see it by 2020. But is this the final season of the series, or is there more to the story?

Is this the end of the story?

There have been rumours that the 5th season of Lucifer is the end of the series. But is it true? While Netflix has not officially announced anything, people are saying that there might be another season.

Why? The reason is that Lucifer is one of the most beloved series and has gained a lot of popularity. Based on that, we can expect Netflix to go for another season. If not, then there are chances that the 5th season would have two parts, with the 2nd part turning into another season.

When can we see the 5th season of Lucifer?

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As far as we know, the shooting for the 5th season had started back in 2019. So, we can expect Netflix to showcase the 5th season in summer of 2020.

Moreover, according to sources, the upcoming season would have 16 episodes. Earlier, Lucifer had ten episodes per season, but this is a bit different.

The storyline for 5th season

In the last season, we saw Lucifer going back to hell, which made him leave Chloe Decker. Though Lucifer loved Chloe a lot, the longer he lived on Earth, he became vulnerable to other demons.

What will happen in the 5th season? There are lots of possibilities to that question. One thing is for sure that we would see a lot of enemies attacking Lucifer, which means lots of adventure and thrill.

But we also hope that things get alright so that Lucifer can be back with Chloe on Earth.

However, for now, we are only waiting for the 5th season to air on Netflix so that we can see what happens next in the story.

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