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JUST IN: Brad Pitt Does A Favor For Property Brothers And Ultimately To Us!

It is always a kind of surprise to see big names coming to the small screens for an hour. This is an eye-feast for the fans as well as the hosts out there. This is regarding the entry of Brad Pitt in the Property Brothers show.

Astonished with his presence :

The property brothers is a pretty famous show. It is hosted by the twin brothers, Jonathan Scott and Drew. They use the technology to bring in renovations to the houses of their clients. Brad Pitt attended this show.


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Drew told about the phone conversation with Brad Pitt. He felt as if it is a joke or prank something. They are a lot excited to see in the guest’s place. The new season will premiere in the HGTV on April 13 with the likes of Rebel Wilson, Viola Davis, Melissa McCarthy.

Purpose of his visit :

Brad Pitt has attended the show to renovate a house of his friends. Jean Ann Black, the make-up artist of Brad Pitt. He says her to be his secret weapon. She has a home with a freestanding garage at the Santa Monica. Jean Ann Black was the make-up artist of Brad Pitt for a very long time. She always had a special place.

So Brad Pitt decided to do something for her. Brad Pitt wants to give her some space for the guests, a beautiful make-up table, and many such kinds of renovations. Guess what Brad Pitt has come to the right place as no one other than the Property Brothers would renovate the things eloquently and efficiently.

The brothers have squeezed in a spa-worthy shower. They threw some sledgehammer out of the house and brought in a lot of new refreshing look. Brad Pitt was super happy with the kind of renovation the property brothers have done. So indeed, the property brothers have proved their mettle and reputation.

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