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James Bond: No Time To Die Director Confirms Film Wrapped Before Coronavirus Shutdown

Is The Director Of ‘No Time To Die’ Making Changes To The Theatrical Cut? Here’s What We Know

The entire Hollywood industry has been shut down with all the upcoming productions put to a halt due to the Coronavirus crisis. With the rapid spread of the disease, several films.Which were set to be released sooner this year, have been inevitably pushed back. One of the films which were affected by the shutdown was the fifth and final flick of the Bond franchise, No Time To Die. 

Starring Daniel Craig, for who this is supposedly the last appearance as James Bond on the big screen and Bond Girl Lea Seydoux. The film has been delayed by seven months from its original release date. The film was set to drop into theaters on April 2nd. But as of now. The final release date stands to be sometime in November.

Now that the movie has been delayed by a whopping seven months, will the director. Cary Joji Fukunaga, be making changes to the theatrical cut of the film? Well, here’s what he had to say.

Fukunaga Confirmed That The Editing Had Been Wrapped Up Even Before The Global Shutdown

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The confirmation came from Fukunaga’s recent Instagram post. He posted a professional portrait of himself and eventually began responding to comments by fans. It is imperative that the major highlight was questioned regarding No Time To Die. A fan very blatantly asked him whether he will be making edits to the theatrical cut of the film to which he said,

Some people have asked me this. And although more time would have been lovely. We had to put our pencils down when we finished our post-production window, which was thankfully before COVID shut everything else down.”

Well, it looks like the theatrical representation of No Time To Die will remain as it was. With no significant changes. Given that the production of the movie had stumbled several times- Daniel Craig was injured while shooting. And there were some additional controversies on set- the director doesn’t intend to make any more changes about anything. The film is now set to release on 25th November 2020.

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