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Interesting Excerpts From Jonathan Frakes, Star Trek Discovery S3 Interview

The latest edition of Star Trek Magazine is out, and it has some great features and exciting interviews. The most exciting mention is of Star Trek: The Next Generation star (and Star Trek: Discovery and Picard director) Jonathan Frakes. The most important highlight of Frakes’ interviews was his discussion about the Discovery’s upcoming season.

Jonathon Frakes who has also directed Star Trek: Discovery and Picard revealed some interesting insights about the new season.

Frakes Told About The Future Michael Burnham

Frakes showered some light on the future of Michael Burnham. The main character of Star Trek: Discovery has gone through a lot in the previous two seasons, and it will be interesting to see where Michael Burnham finds herself now. Frakes almost confirmed that Burham and the rest of the Discovery crew would remain separated for the first couple of episodes, though his comments.

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He further revealed he consider Discovery his home show now. Frakes added they have just finished the production of Episode 3 of the upcoming season. Then he talked about actress Sonequa’s character; he revealed how complicated and appealing she is. Sonequa replied Burham has now no longer driven by fear and guild unlike earlier.

Plot Possibility Of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3

The second season ended with Burham flying in the red angel suit and leading the USS Discovery through a wormhole into a distant future.

Some leaked images and clips of the third season have shown Burnham is with a new character on a planet. In the third season, the crew of the USS discovery will find itself 930 years in the future. This will set the show beyond all known Star Trek canon.

The third season of Star Trek: Discovery is still in production. A teaser was released last week suggesting that the show will soon premiere on CBS.

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