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I Am Not Okay With This S2: Release Date Revealed By Netflix For A 2020 Release, Details About Interesting [SPOILERS]

Inspired by the novel of the same name, I Am Not Okay With This, is a Netflix show. The show premiered on 26th February 2020. Please note, if you haven’t seen the show, there is a high chance that we’re going to have spoilers—just a disclaimer.

I Am Not Okay With This Season 2 Release Date

When Will I Am Not Okay With This S2 Return On Netflix?

Wit, a total of 7 episodes the whole series was released in one, go on Netflix. There is no official renewal announcement, but the first season ended on a massive cliffhanger. So it is assumed that the show will continue with the second season.

The cliffhanger was Syndey’s superpower; fans hope to see more of these superpowers in the next season.

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I Am Not Okay With This S2- Daunting Spoilers Of The Season, Plot ...

But, the producer of the show talked about Netflix’s renewal policy. It is based on the completion ratio. The completion ratio means the number of people who completed the whole show compared to the ones who left midway. It also takes the popularity of the show into account, if the show is top-rated, then there will be a renewal.

However, If the show is renewed, we are here to talk about the possible release date. Predictions are going around that the show will most probably be released in February 2021.

Season 1 Recap

Sydney is a teenager who has quite a tough life. She tries to navigate her self through high school. She deals with rapid development and her sexuality in school. Further, With frustration, her superpowers grow by the day. A new possible love interest, losing her best friend, and the death of her dad. Her life turned upside down when she discovered she is telekinetic when there is a spike in her emotions.


Sophia Lillis will play Sydney Novak, Wyatt Oleff represented Stanley Barber, and Sophia Bryant played by Dian are most likely to return for the second round of the show.

The showrunner said that this season was an origin story and they have plans to make the story more prominent and better when the show is renewed. They have an idea of how the show will develop over the seasons and are very excited about it. Everyone behind the show is distracted; it’s now Netflix’s turn to confirm renewal to make the show as the directors have envisioned.

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