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How Probable Is The Return Of Anne With An E Season 4?!

We always had the idea that the Canadian drama series. Anne With An E was famous and very popular amongst the Netflix audience. However, we got our facts checked right when a social media protest broke out in support of bringing in the fourth instalment. Right from trending hashtags to 80 thousand people signing petitions, we knew Anne had smiled the most!

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Thus, Anne With An E is finally back. And we have got everything covered (don’t want you to miss out on anything!)


The show’s lead character. Anne (fun fact: the show was initially titled as ‘Anne’) has been an inspiration from a Canadian novel. Green Gables, authored by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Produced by Susan Murdoch and John Calvert, the story revolves around the journey of 13-year-old Anne who travels to Prince Island from after enduring an abusive childhood back in her orphanage. Transforms the lives of people with her incredible positivity, charm and spirit.


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Even though Netflix had officially announced in November 2019 that the third season was to be the last one, fans wanted more. And they started their trends with hashtags like #SaveAnneWithAnE and #RenewAnneWithAnE on Twitter and Instagram. The massive outbreak led Netflix to think twice, and it did!

Anne With an E Renewed for Season 3 at Netflix | IndieWire

Thus, it had decided to renew the fourth season, but the release date hasn’t yet been revealed, but we expect the show by Fall 2021.

The trailer of the show with Amybeth McNulty as the star Anne hasn’t yet been announced along with the release date, but we expect them sooner and can WAIT (Taps our feet anxiously) for sure!

The new season might show us a different shade of Anne altogether, which we know, we are going to love and stan like always!!

We certainly cannot wait for Anne With An E after this ‘good’ news, Are you?

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