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Heartthrob Tom Holland Is Back To The Singles’ Club Post Split With Olivia Bolton

The famous Marvel star Tom Holland has a break up with Olivia. Tom and Olivia were childhood friends who turned their friendship into the relationship. The new superhero of the avengers had become very famous after his role as the spiderman in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Tom Holland was previously rumored as having a relationship with co-star Zendaya. But later they revealed that they are not in a relationship and that has put an end to their story.

The Breakup Story:

The two love birds have broken up now. It was said that the couple had decided to break up with a mutual understanding. Olivia first started liking the Marvel star Tom Holland in July.

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Then they both went to British Summer Time Hyde Park Festival in London. There,  they started to reveal the public about their relationship. They became very close to each other soon. But later both of them decided to depart.

Mutual Understanding:

Their relationship did not last even for 9 months. Both of them thought that both of them should be just friends. They were not doing great as a couple, and hence they decided to be just friends.

Even now, they treat each other as very good friends, and the fact of the past relationship does not affect their present a lot. It is not something very surprising because they have been friends with each other.

Back To Singles Club:

Tom Holland is now back to the singles club. He said that he has broken up with Olivia now, but he is a kind of relationship guy. Even if he broke up soon, he would be able to encounter new women with whom he could start a new relationship.

The matter here is not about the breakup. But it is great to see someone to end a relationship in good terms rather than separating in bad terms. Tom and Olivia were able to save their childhood friendship at the cost of their relationship.

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