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Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter Iyanna Looks Unkempt In Mugshot Post Stabbing Her Fiancé’s Baby Mama

It hurts when you get to know that your boyfriend is having his contacts with another woman. Floyd Mayweather’s daughter Iyanna had been through the same situation, but her reaction to this was not usual.

She murdered her boyfriend’s son with and deadly injured his ex-girlfriend. When she got the news from someone and was outraged enough to take this step, she was captured by the police after that.

Floyd has not yet spoken out about his daughter's arrest

Anger Outraged On Atrocity:

Someone told Iyanna that her boyfriend still has some relations with his ex-girlfriend. He used to visit her and their son. This might have created anger in Iyanna’s mind, and she went to the house of the young boy.

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Iyanna was arrested Saturday for allegedly stabbing her fiancé's baby mama

There she went to the kitchen and grabbed two knives, and started attacking the mother and the child. The mother somehow survived the attacks, but the child lost its life in the incident.

Unfolding The Attack On LaPattra:

The victim’s mother’s name is is LaPattra. She claimed that Iyanna had scratched bother of her arms again and again with the kitchen knife that she used as a weapon. Due to heavy wounds,  LaPattra had to undergo emergency surgery of her arms.

When this incident was taking place, police arrived there at sight and arrested Iyanna, who was wearing a wig and had her fat lips. The cops were able to know about the disturbances due to a 911 call, that might have gone from the neighborhood.

Advancement Of The Case:

Iyanna was charged with assault using a deadly weapon and was detained to the prison. Later she was released on a bail of $30,000 and was warned to keep at least 1000 feet distance from LaPattra.

The 19 years old teenager was taken under custody on 4th April 2020, when the incident took place. Police also handcuffed a famous rapper named Kentrell DeSean Gaulden as a precautionary measure but was later released.

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