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Feel Good S2 Speculations: Will Mae Succumb To His Addiction Post Breakup?

The new Netflix series named Feel Good has told the audience that it is a kind of romantic-comedy series we didn’t know we needed. The story is somewhere along with the storylines of You’re The Worst or episodes of Lovesick.

Comedian Mae Martin creates the show has suffered depression in his life. With his series, he is speaking to the audience about mental health. The series was first released in March 2020. It has only been some time since the release, but fans are asking for season 2 already.

What Is The Series Feel Good About?

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The series revolves around a character named Mae who is living in England. He gets in a relationship with George, who was initially the perfect match. But as his career as a comedian grows, he realizes that George might not be the one.

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The first season shows the growth in Mae’s career as a comedian. Along with this, we also saw that he was having a relapse with his drug addiction. But by the end, we saw that he was trying to get back with his girlfriend George without being completely honest about his life.

Is Feel Good Season 2 Happening?

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Since Feel Good Season 1 has just been released, so it would be too soon for Netflix and Channel 4 to calculate the viewership. It has not been renewed yet, but the series received good reviews from the critics, and Martin’s popularity has also increased with the series.
So it is likely that the series Feel Good will be renewed Season 2 soon.

We may expect the Feel Good Season 2 to be out sometime last next year or early 2022.

What Is The Expected Plot For Feel Good Season 2?

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We saw in the first season that George asked Mae if she needs to know something about him that she does not. This made Mae very nervous along with the relapse. We also saw that Mae has managed to lose his Drug dealer Maggie by sleeping with her daughter Lava. He also meets a male comedian who offered him a gig after sexual favours.

In an interview, Martin said regarding the plot that everything is in the air right now. But they have a lot to tell. But he wants Mae and George to go to Canada and work on their relationship.

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