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Clear Your Ears: Creators Have Got Something To Say About On My Block Season 4

On My Block’s last season aired the previous month. It was the third installment of the popular drama series. The critics and audience well appreciated the third season. Fans are awaiting an announcement for the renewal of a fourth season. There are speculations around the possibly upcoming season of On My Block.

What do we know about the future of the series?

Rumors are making rounds of the internet about the renewal of this comedy-drama. Although nothing is confirmed as of now. However, season 3 climaxed with a probable cliff hanger that hints towards a possible new season.

Furthermore, the show’s co-creator Lauren Lungerich recently signed a multi-year overall deal with Netflix, which suggests more upcoming seasons.

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Brian Wright, Netflix’s vice president of YA/family original series, claimed that they’re thrilled to continue working with the creators of On My Block and look forward to other future projects. However, there is no official announcement, but this seems like an unofficial thumbs up to the fourth season.

Expected release date

The third season was relatively shorter than the first two seasons, with only eight episodes. There is no official update on the renewal of the Season 4 of On My Block. However, going by the previous schedules of the release of the first three seasons, the fourth season may be available in March 2021.

Cast list for the possible new season

While nothing is officially confirmed yet, Fans expect the return of Monse played by Sierra Capri, Cesar played by Diego Tinoco and Jason Genao’s Ruby. Alongside, Jamal played by Brett Gray, Jasmine, played by Jessica Marie Garcia and Spooky, played by Julio Macias may return.

Possible plotline

The show is expected to take up from where it left season 3. Fans have a lot of questions, and season 4 may answer them. The show is expected to keep up with the portrayal of the development of characters as it did for the previous seasons. What do you think the plot for season 4 may hold?


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