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Brad Pitt Is All Set To Change The Diapers Once Again, Although With New Mommy This Time

Brad Pitt, who already has a father of six with Angelina Jolie, is all set to look after another baby. This time this is going to be twins. But Angelina Jolie has nothing to do with this. Read this article out to know the complete facts.

Their re-union :

In the latest SAG Awards, it is quite clear that Friends star Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have got into each other. This is a sight of relief for the fans to see them back into cards. What’s more exciting is that they are going to have twins soon together. But wait, this is going to sound some weird, but yes, this is going to a surrogacy.

Michelle Ross, who is carrying the twins, has posted online and said that they are the twins of Brad and Jen. She is quite excited about the twins. She is Sarah Jessica Parker’s former surrogate. Surrogacy is not a new thing now around. But it is quite a sensitive issue to talk more in public or on the internet. So reports have not come till now about the twins officially.

Fans must wait for it to be official :

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Brad and Jen have kept this thing very secret as it is susceptible. Their family members do respect their decision and maintain silence. Great support has been shown from both sides of the family actors.

So such things though cheerful are tough to be discussed in public or make a thing on the internet. So fans must wait for the announcement to be official. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are waiting for the right time to make this major announcement.

This is a moment both couples are waiting for more than a decade. So it is quite a heart-warming thing for both the couple Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, their fans.

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