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Acquaint Yourself With The Future Installment Possibilities Of Ragnarok Season 2

Ragnarok is a Norwegian language, fantasy drama Netflix series. SAM productions produce Ragnarok, and it’s the first season premiered this year on 31st January. The basic plot of the series is about a fictional town of Edda in Western Norway which, due to climate change is plagued and the industrial pollution caused by the factory owners who are also the fifth-richest family in Norway.


However, it all comes down to one question, will Ragnarok be renewed for another season? The critics have been extremely harsh with their reviews on Ragnarok which makes us wonder if Netflix would want even to consider renewing it for Season 2. However, it’s entirely possible that viewers binge watch on all the 6 episodes of the first season which automatically increases it’s the bar, hitting the bar.

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Usually, Netflix also decides to take about three to six weeks after the publication of a new season before announcing or resuming.

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If Netflix already decided to renew it for another season, SAM productions will also require plenty of time for the production of a whole new season. We should expect the premiere season two of Ragnarok by next year,2021.

So, as of now, we have a lot of possibilities of why the delay has been created. Here’s hoping Netflix decides against renewing it.


If at all, Netflix decides to renew it for another season. Here’s what we can expect from season 2 of Ragnarok.

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Naturally, with season two. The history and the universe is to improve as the first six episodes continue Magan’s tale, which reveals all future stories for all the secondary characters. With that, season two will extend the current story of climate change. And will also get inspiration from Old World concepts just for the addition of dramatic purposes.

In the end, it all just depends on Netflix’s decision.

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