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Why Star Trek: Picard SEASON 2 Should Bring Back Following Characters?

It is always quite exciting for the fans to see their favorite characters getting back to shape in real in movies and series. After the release of the season 1 of Star Trek, some characters are missing. This article covers the characters who are most likely to appear in season 2.

Predominant characters that driven S1 :

Patrick Stewart plays the most iconic character, Jean Luc Picard. The name of the Star Trek: Picard itself shows the importance of the character Picard to the story. Season 1 revolved all-around Picard’s grief over the heroic sacrifice of Data. He always gets the dreams as his memory is stained into him.

He goes into a search out for an Android woman linked with his old friend. She teamed up with Borg Collective, Borge drone seven of nine. Just before the final, Picard busts into officer William Riker and his wife, Deanna Troi.

New exciting add ups :

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The major missing of season 1 is Doctor Beverly Crusher. Picard and crusher shared a long-lasting romantic interaction. Even it is revealed that they are married in a parallel timeline. It is quite strange to see that Picard does not say anything to her about his medical condition.

It would be really good for him to share in the future season, at least, about his physical condition to Beverly and her son Wesley. Wesley has seen Picard as a surrogate father. So even he deserves to know this. All the fans must wait for season two to see if this happens or not. Other interesting characters that can appear in the second season are the chief engineer Geordi LaForge and the chief of security Worf.

These new characters’ inclusion would indeed extend the story to various dimensions making it more engaging for the people. So season 2 is going to be much more worth watching with the brand new addition of characters.

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