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Unveiling The Reality Behind Lady Gaga & Jimmy Fallon’s Abrupt Interview

The coronavirus pandemic has gotten us all stuck to the four walls of our home. Many things have come to a halt. The things that we used to take for granted in the past have now become far-fetched dreams. As everyone is home and working from there itself, the whole scenario of the entertainment industry has also changed.

Due to the fear of contracting the virus, many production houses have closed. Many are carrying out online streaming too. The situation that’s looming around us right now is something like a clip from a sci-fi movie.

But, things are getting adapted according to their needs, and so is the entertainment industry. The famous Jimmy Fallon show, like many other shows, has taken to the online platform for carrying out streaming.

“The Tonight Present”

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A show run by Jimmy Fallon titled “The Tonight Present,” made news recently. Lady Gaga had graced the show with her presence. But, things did not go as planned for Jimmy. He had to encounter an awkward moment with the “A Star is Born” star. Jimmy is known for his perfect and creative delivery. But situations like this are a given in the job he does. People and their reactions can be unpredictable at times. She did do something unpredictable.

Lady Gaga Bails Out Of Show

Lady Gaga right from the start of the show was looking all distracted. She could be found not paying much attention and talking to her assistance now and then. Real awkwardness donned on Jimmy when Lady Gaga said that she can’t talk right now and needed to leave. This flick causes much controversy and confusion but it c=has been cleared.

According to a source, this act was just a yardstick for Gaga to return to the show. She’s planning to laugh out about it too. Well, fans can’t wait for Gaga’s return to “The Tonight Present.”

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