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Streaming Giant, Netflix Confirms Anime The Castlevania Season 4

The Vampire and monster based violent and brutal show The Castlevania is probably the best game adaptation ever. And without a doubt. It can be called as one of the best Netflix anime show ever. With animation created with great detail. And characters with sharp dialogs from creator Warren Ellis.

Netflix To Unleash Castlevania Season 3 In December


Vampire lovers all around the globe were waiting for season 4. And here it is Netflix has officially confirmed a Castlevania season 4 on March 27, 2020. The season three had nowhere near an end. It ended on a cliffhanger. There is plenty to be picked up from season 3.

 Castlevania season 4 is official on Netflix

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Castlevania season 4 is confirmed by Netflix. In a tweet, Netflix has confirmed season 4. The reason behind Netflix’s fast renewal may be the time needed for production purposes. Especially each new season is longer than its previous seasons.

Richard Armitage says Castlevania Season 3 is happening ...

At the time of season 3’s release. Castlevania was on Top 5 on Netflix’s list. The production of season 4 should not be delayed or such. But in an interview writer, Warren Ellis revealed that he is working on another project for Netflix.

Castlevania Season 3 Recap: The Series Shows No Signs Of Slowing

Warren Ellis, with Executive Producer Kevin Kolde, is working on a new animated series called Heaven’s Forset. In Ellis’s words, the animation is a “Cultural Remix of The Ramayana.”

Castlevania season 4: what to expect?

Castlevania season 3 ended miserably for most of the central cast. There were also a few threads that were left to be picked up for season 4.

Netflix confirms Castlevania's second season releases in October

At the end of season 3, Alucard returns to his castle, while Sumi and Taka were turned, betrayers. There is a dark wind rising the confusion that Alucard may be sucked into the depth of darkness. Meanwhile, Trevor and Sypha were successful in closing the infinite corridor. And Hector is enslaved by Carmilla. All of this should pave the road ahead for Castlevania season 4.

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