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Neil Young’s Fireside Sessions Delayed After Wife Daryl Hannah Falls Into COVID-19 Trap

The session, on Sunday, the rock legend updated fans on the reason for the next installment’s delay in an Instagram post.

Neil’s Confession.

“His next fireside session is certainly in pictures and would be arriving soon! There was a short stoppage. Because his lovely wife Daryl Hannah was ill for weeks and she needed to get isolate herself, even throughout her self-isolation,” Neil Young wrote without conforming about if she was going through COVID-19. “It was confirmed expressly [sic] defying on the food display. Nevertheless, she healed herself, now all is well, and we are following the track.”

He moved on to describe how his wife, Daryl Hannah, videotapes, documents and edits each concourse on her iPad, and then forward it to her friend in the city as their frequency is shallow in their house. “For this, the 3rd gathering, the folder will be headed to J. Hanlon so that he can notice if there are any means of adjusting the sound and bargain about our limited technology.

Then later, we would gush it immediately to you from Neil Young Archives!” Neil Young guaranteed. “We expect that these Fireside Sessions might serve you a little bit of relief, a giggle, or a small break during these difficult times. Most -essentially, We wish that you feel the passion!”

See Neil Young’s post below.

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Hello there! Our next fireside session is finally in the works and should be coming soon! There was a brief delay, as my lovely wife was ill for several days and had to isolate herself, even during our isolation. It proved particularily challenging on the food front, however, she recovered, all is well now and we’re back on track. When we first tried to send a livestream out, it failed because our bandwidth is so low. @dhlovelife films, records and edits them all on her iPad and of course includes the obligatory commercial from our sponsor. Then our dear friend comes by, (in requisite mask and gloves) picks up the iPad outside the door, transports it to town many miles away in order to use the internet and sends it on to our home base, Lost Planet, all while shopping for food. Just sending the file takes an entire day…. For this, the third session, the file will head to J. Hanlon so he can see if there is any way to adjust the sound and deal with our limited tech…. And then, we’ll stream it directly to you from NYA! Stay tuned for an announcement in The NYA Times Contrarian when our next one will be posted, and on page #4, all of the previous sessions are still available. NeilYoungArchives.com remains free to all for the time being, so you can explore, and we hope you will subscribe to NYA so that you can hear all the music in High Resolution, watch the films and videos and dive deep 24/7! We hope these Fireside Sessions bring you a bit of comfort, a chuckle, or a small respite during these strange times. Most importantly- We hope you feel the love! All Together, Be Well N&D —

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We still do not know if CoronaVirus causes Hannah or she fell ill due to some other disease remains a secret. Well, eventually, Neil posted an update of his wife’s illness and the indications that she is ameliorated to.

Nevertheless, just because of the couple being in self-isolation in their Colorado house and only Hannah can videotape the film of Young’s live podcast of the third episode of “Fireside Sessions,” it is sadly delayed.

Please Stay Home and Stay Healthy. Follow all the rules of the pandemic virus and be Safe!!

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