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Miley Cyrus & Selena Gomez Prospect On Their Friendship After “Bipolar” Disclosure

Selena Gomez along with Miley Cyrus appeared on Cyrus’ Bright Minded Instagram Live show today. Therefore the two singers had a candid discussion about psychological and mental health.

Selena Opens Up On Mental Healy Issues

For the first, Gomez started revealing that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Gomez had previously come out before about getting practical help for depression and being diagnosed by doctors. However, she not spoken about the diagnosis in a detailed and transparent manner.

Cyrus began by asking Gomez how she controls helpful or unhelpful dark thoughts during a time of social distancing. Gomez told Cyrus she keeps herself sane by “talking to friends and having a conversation with women I respect. I talk to a few older women that I respect a lot and aren’t in the industry. I phone them. And I think talking about what exactly you’re feeling is extremely helpful. I think there’s knowledge in all of this in women and with so many people.”

Sometimes It’s Okay To Let It All Out

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“But sometimes even i have to feel it, Miley,” Gomez admitted. “Sometimes, I need to cry it out. I should just release it and take a deep breath and then remind myself to return to who I am. Okay, where all of this is coming from? I understand I’m an enormous empath, so I put myself through all of what the world is feeling. So, maybe I require to take a step back from that or whatever it is. But, all this also, like  just being there for other people, is helping me too.”

That’s when Gomez told Cyrus about her bipolar disorder diagnosis and the way she educated herself so she’d feel less afraid. She said she went to “one of the best mental hospitals” within the country. Selena Gomez goes on and reveals that once she understands what her problem is, it doesn’t scare her anymore.

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