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Meghan Markle To Star In Disney+’s ‘Elephant’ Documentary & Fans Can’t Keep Calm

People across the globe were surprised when Meghan Markle decided to join hands with Disney for a film project. Of course, the public would only become more curious when the Duchess of Sussex was confirmed to be narrating the latest Disneynature documentary, Elephant.

Meghan Markle may not be the first name to cross anyone’s mind regarding voiceover work. But Disney’s decision to hire her seems to be very good. It paid off well that fans have been praising her performance all over the social media.

Elephant just made its debut on Disney+. It started to generate sparks around social media. Thanks for Meghan Markle’s voice-over which in no small part.

Markle Fulfilled her Expectations

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When speaking about nature documentaries, Disney has been able to name quite a few big names which to take the role as narrators. Pierce Brosnan, John Krasinski, Natalie Portman, Meryl Streep and James Earl Jones are only some of the celebrities who gave their voices to the documentary features.

Looking at this, Meghan Markle had some dangerous voids to fill when stepping into the recording booth. Thankfully, it seems that she’s exceeded those expectations. Disney doesn’t typically ask any talent twice for documentaries but, based on the fantastic response to Markle’s performance, the thought of Disney hiring her for another project isn’t out of the question.

Her Hollywood Journey Would Start Again

Meghan Markle has had quite a journey since leaving Hollywood and entering into the royal family. The elephant sets her first film or television role since she left USA Network’s Suits way back in 2018. And now that she and Prince Harry, who recently gave up their position as a senior member of the royal family, have the opportunity to go into new occupations. It would be safe to see predict this may not be the last role she gets into.

Meghan Markle’s possible return to acting is a bit unstable at the moment but, she’s taking a solid start with her voice over. All fans are curious to see what she has lined up next. Elephant, along with other Disneynature documentaries, is now airing on Disney+.

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