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Maze Star Drops A Hint On God’s Visit On Earth In Lucifer Season 5 Final Series


The American television series, Lucifer, revolves around a devil named Lucifer Morningstar who’s had enough of sulking in hell and wants to understand humanity better, which is why he decides to land down to planet Earth in the city of Los Angeles. Tom Ellis plays the character of Lucifer.

The series Lucifer airs on Netflix and the other networks for the show are, Fox Broadcasting company.

Lucifer is also based on DC comics. The show is developed and created by Tom Kapinos. After four successful seasons, the fifth season is currently on air, and the finale of the season is to be out soon!

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The identity of God always remained a mystery until Dennis Haysbert was cast for the role of God in January this year.


Lesley Ann Brandt, who plays the character of Maze Star, recently shared a few details about the series Lucifer in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. She joked about how God needs to come down toEarthh to check on humans because they’re acting like fools.

Now, was Lesley trying to hint us that we might see God in the season five finale?

Fans certainly hope so because their excitement levels have touched the roof. Comments about how they’re finally ready to see God make an appearance and watch him with Lucifer and doctor Linda so they can finally address the “daddy issues” topic.

The appearance of God has been long-awaited now, and fans can’t wait for a second to watch God in Lucifer.

The possibilities of God making an appearance in the finale are plenty. Initially, God was the one to send Lucifer to theEarthh after seeing him rule hell. So maybe now it’s time for God to come down toEarthh so he can drag Lucifer back to hell.

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