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Enlighten Yourself With The Underrated 5 Facts About Alita From ‘Alita Battle Angel 2’

Alita: Battle Angel, a movie adapted from comic books, was instead an exciting movie. Though it did average in the Box Office, most of the fans did love the story and the cinematography.

But, do we know our Battle, Angel? I don’t think so. So, here are some unknown facts about our Battle Angel which would make us understand her a bit more.

The Manga has nine volumes

Yes, Alita: Battle Angel has nine volumes. As stated, it is adapted from a comic series; the comic has nine volumes. In the movie, only 1/4th of the material has been used. So, will the creators use more of the material?

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Yes, they would, but we hope they make it enjoyable and not spoil it.

A movie set in a post-apocalyptic world

The comic series is set in a world after the apocalypse, and so is the movie. As we can see in the movie, the world is divided into two parts, and there are robots all around.

Not only robots, but even humans are transforming themselves into cyborgs for power. Though some fail, those who succeed have control.

Alita would become a bounty hunter

Yes, our Battle Angel would finally transform into a bounty hunter. In the beginning, she searches for her life and is set to take revenge. But, gradually, she recalls her memories and finds the purpose of her life.

We all know that Alita has forgotten everything about her past and only knows her martial arts. But is that enough? We will find out.

There are more projects!!

Yes, there are more projects related to Alita, which we would be able to see in the future. Gay fandom!

But what are the projects? Will it be games, animated movies, or series?

No guns used!

Most of us must have forgotten that there are no guns in the movie. Surprisingly, right? Yes, the film and the comics do not have any weapons used in it. Its all about swords, deadly swords.

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